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Creating PreSell Content For Your Website

I would like my customers at Florida Internet Advertising to make sales but what many of them don't understand is that marketing on the internet is completely different from selling using other forms of advertising. People looking for products online don't want to read a sales pitch like what you hear in radio advertising or on TV or what you see in newspaper or magazine advertising. They are looking to make well informed buying decisions. This is the reason your content needs to provide as much information as possible about your product, all the different uses for your product or service, and testimonials from people who have bought your product or service. DON'T SELL! Instead warm your visitor up to buy your products by preselling them with great content that they value and respect. They will click thru with pleasure arriving at your shopping cart area ready to buy with an open mindset. How you reach your visitor, what you say and how you refer your visitors to your website to buy is very important and will make the difference between just a visit and an actual sale.You want your website visitor to become your friend or even for them to think of you as someone they can trust and admire as being on top of your subject. Become a knowledgeable friend making a reccommendation to them rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. Or even better become a trusted expert making an endorsement.

Start with a list of keywords that you feel people would use to find your website on the internet. From these create topics that you can write about. Within your writing we can put links from these keywords going to a place where people can place orders on your website or a place for them to fill out a form requesting your services.
You don't have to do all the writing in one day-try to write just one paragraph about each topic for the front page of your site. From those simple paragraphs we can link to pages with more writing on each subject as you develop each topic.

Getting started writing is difficult for just about everybody so don't feel overwhelmed or at a loss for words. Just start off with single keywords about your product or service and under each word write more words that are related to that word. Next-to the right of each word right a single sentence that uses that word in it. After a few of these you will see paragraphs developing for each topic. You may also want to do searches using your keywords and visit other websites to get ideas for your paragraphs.

There are many excellent ebooks you can get for free that teach you how to write effectively.

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Thanks, Ann Menke

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