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Improving Your Websites Performance

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1) Meta Tags: Each of your pages should have meta tags within the html. To see examples of meta tags go to any of my sites pages and click on View/Source. AT the top of the html you will see the title, description and keywords....here you can add your own meta tags yourself or I can add them for you...I charge $20 per page to add meta tags to any pages of your site that do not have them or to improve the ones you already have.

I also add a tracker to the bottom of your front page so we can both see not only how many hits you are getting but also what search engines people are using to find you and what search terms they are using. This way we know if the meta tags are correct and also what search terms to use in keyword bidding thru Google Adwords.

2) Submit your site to the search engines:
After correctly worded meta tags have been added to each page of your site then it should be submitted to the search engines. I charge $5 per search engine to submit your site to the most popular search engines by hand, such as Google and Yahoo/Bing.
After your site is submitted it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months for the search engines to index your site. This is why I recommend bidding on keywords thru Google Adwords while your site is waiting to be indexed.

3) If it is appropriate for your site then you should add a Testimonials page:
Here are examples of some of my customers testimonial pages:
Super Visor
Auto Instruments

4) Monthly Newsletter:
Add an easy way for people to subscribe to your monthly newsletter or mailing list and also as a way for you to collect email addresses
Here is an example:
Look down on the right hand side of Fine Cut Emerald Gems
to see a very simple contact form in order to collect email addresses. After you have enough email addresses you can then send out weekly or monthly newsletters to get them back to your site. A newsletter can be simply a paragraph telling about what you sell with links going to your site.

I also create newsletter blogs for $10 per paragraph. To see an example of a blog to improve your ranking with one-way keyword links going to your site go to my customers blog for Dump Trailers.

Join Blogger For Free
You can then email everyone and tell them to visit your blog address to see your newsletter.
Be sure to put keyword hypertext links to your website in your blog
-this will help your site get more visitors and improve your ranking with one way links going to your site.

Join Yahoo groups and then start joining groups that are in the same business as you
After you join you can then post messages to each group talking about what you do and put a link from your post going to your website.
Just another way to get more traffic to your site and eventually get new customers.

5) Link Exchanges
You should trade links with people in related industries in order to help your site get ranked better on the search engines. You need to exchange links with at least 10 sites per month to help your site gradually get a better ranking on Google. I charge $10 per link exchange as this is a very time consuming process. I must search for sites related to yours for you to exchange links w. then put their links on your site, then email them to ask them to put your link on their site. And then finally I must check to make sure your link has been added to the page they said they were going to add it to.

6) Join Google Adwords:
Google Adwords

It is free to sign up...what you bid on keywords is automatically charged to your credit card...
I reccommend a minimum daily spend limit of $5 per day for google adwords.
If you bid enough for your keywords on google then you should show up on the top of google as well as all the other search engines that google serves results to.

I hope this list of steps to take to improve your sites performance has helped to answer your questions.
I know it seems like alot more work than you may have anticipated in order to promote a website but the good old days of just slapping up a one page site and getting results are gone.

If you want my help to start with Step #1 and you already have a website, then I would need the user id and pw to your site in order to FTP any updated files over to your server or I could email each one to you so that you could do that yourself. Just Email Me or call or text 386-243-4207 and leave a message.

In order to pay for my services I usually send you an email invoice which you can pay online by credit card thru paypal, or you can send me a check in US funds.

If anyone has any critiques or suggestions to add to this please do not hesitate to let me know by Emailing Me.
Thanks for visiting my site-Ann Menke

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