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I also offer Paid Banner and Text Ads on many of my sites, Email Me or fill out the contact form for the list and prices

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Advertise your business and sell your merchandise by listing your telephone number or email address on your very own Webpage. Just answer the phone or check your email and watch the orders and inquiries start coming in by having a business presence that is always open 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to do business with people from across the country and around the world. NEW Easy ECommerce sites that you can add merchandise to yourself if you like. Do you have a site already created, but are lacking the visitors? A1AWEB may be able to help your old site get better results with a little advice about social media marketing. I can post ads for you on Facebook and Twitter and Boost them to a targeted audience in a certain geographic area.

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Jewelry, Gems, Antiques, Health Products, Survival Foods, Motorcycles, Vehicles, Real Estate you name it - I do trades!

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    Ann Menke

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    Just a quick note of thanks Ann. Today 50% of my customers said they found out about us via the website. The rest were repeat customers. As times tighten up, we feel our site is giving us a real boost. We also appreciate your reasonable rates and great service. With the recent server issue, you had it all repaired in record time. Once again, Great Job, Thank you - Bob
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    Daytona Surplus Marine - South Daytona, FL
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    Social Security Disability Lawyer MississippiSSI Disability Lawyer
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    My Affiliate Sites and Blogs for Google, Amazon and Ebay Income - All you can advertise on and all are For Sale - Just Ask

    Living and Working Online in an Oceanfront Paradise
    Restoring Horse Drawn Carriages
    Used Heavy Equipment
    Corvettes for Sale
    Crescent City Florida Real Estate
    Florida Internet Advertising
    Daytona Body Advertising
    Fiberglass Storm Panels
    Personalized Car Name Plates
    Restoring Old Boats
    Dump Trailers and Utility Trailers
    Godmotherly Advice Motivation
    Baseball Rampage
    Boston Terrier Articles

    A1AWEB Webpage Creation, Site Hosting, Social Media Marketing PRICES

  • 1 year Domain Name Registration thru A1AWEB: $20
  • Webpage Creation is So Affordable, each 8 X 10 page is only $40 per page and can have up to 5 photos each with animated gifs, buttons, bars and backgrounds, google analytics, social media share buttons, maps, contact forms. That includes hidden keywords in your HTML so people can find you on the internet by doing a search using those keywords.
  • Images added later on after site is done are $5 each, no charge for emailed text additions/changes to be added.
  • Monthly hosting fee $20 - to put your website on my server space
  • Submission to Search Engines: Google, Yahoo/Bing $5 per search engine. If changes are made to your website or pages added it is a good idea to have your site resubmitted.

    Facebook Business Page Creation: $30 to your website, images, business name & description, address, phones, hours, maps, contact buttons.

    Google Business Presence: $30 Ad Business to Google w. images, website link, business name, address, phones, hours, map

    Social Media Marketing: Facebook Post $10, Facebook Boost $5, Twitter Post $10, Twitter Boost $5
    (Cost of Boosting your ad post to social media depends on your target audience age range and geographic area you are trying to cover)

  • ECommerce Shopping Cart Setup and Training-$100.
    I teach you how to easily enter your own inventory, or I can enter it for you on a per item cost, many of my customers have their own shopping carts and enter their own inventory quite easily after I teach them how over the phone.

    If you have any questions about registering a domain name or would like to start a Webpage please email: Email Me

    To see examples of my work scroll up!
    and click on the links.

  • Internet Advertising DOMAIN NAME SERVICES

    Pictures of your business, cards, logos, brochures, merchandise, etc.,. can be Emailed to me for inclusion on your website.

    You may even want to include directions and a map.

    If you have any questions or would like to start a Webpage please
    email: Email Me


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