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I just came from a very enlightening internet seminar and would like to share what I learned with my customers and visitors to my website .
These tips are for my customers that already use Yahoo Search Marketing Account (formerly known as Overture). If you are not already using Yahoo Search Marketing but would like to start please call me at 386-437-2203 and I can walk you thru the signup process even if you are not a customer of A1AWEB. By going thru me you will receive a credit for $25 more click thrus than if you signed up by yourself. I will also help walk you thru filling out all the forms the correct way and explain the best way to use Yahoo Search Marketing and these tips and tricks to help your website get more hits.

Finding Lists of Related Terms
They explained how to get more hits thru your Yahoo Search Marketing Account by bidding on related terms.
These are terms related to what you are already bidding on.
To find a list of related phrases go to and enter your most important single keyword.
Click on Search
Under the Search box you will see the word Also try and a row of related search terms.
Click on More.
Click on Show
Voila-you should see a list of related terms using your keyword that you can then bid .10 cents on to get more qualified hits to your site. People who do searches for specific things really know what they want and these are the people you want to visit your site.

Bid on Misspelled Words
At the seminar I also learned that it's a good idea to take the words you are already bidding on and misspell them and bid .10 on the misspelled version of your keywords and phrases. Another trick is to type your keyword real fast and see how the mistypes are spelt-use these mistyped words to add to your collection of keywords and phrases to bid .10 on.

If you can't be in the top 3-be Last
Another tip is that if you can't afford to show up in the top 3 listings then bid just enough to show up on the very bottom-because most people scroll to the bottom of a page before going to the next page when doing a search.

Broad Phrases
Your keyword phrases could get more hits if you check them off as being Broad
-this way no matter what order someone searches for them in-you will still come up. So check off the words that you want to make broad-then click on Match Type Option
Click on Broad Phrase Click on Submit.

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